March 25, 1999 – Thursday – 11:09 p.m.

Saturday night, Kimberly and I went to see Spread Your Garment Over Me at Regent.  It was an original show, and it was just the two of us, which was really nice.

This week has been really peaceful.  God has been present.  The youth leaders met on Tuesday night, and on Monday I watched a weird Italian film with Mary Jo, which caused us to talk all night about relationships.  Nicole and I had dinner over at Deborah’s house to work on a group research project.  Tonight, after I closed the bookstore, I picked up Kimberly and Rebekah and we went to see a high school production of Annie, where Sterling was in the orchestra.

And on the way home, I heard a song on the radio I know I haven’t heard in a good decade or more.  It was called Somewhere Tonight by Rick Cua.  Just yesterday I was remembering that song and wish I could hear it again.

And God played it for me.  It’s not a popular song for anything, which just shows how God is always there, listening.

Today in class we watched the footage from all the film shoots.  The one I directed turned out very well.  Tomorrow I direct another film, but this one is on video.  Kirsten is helping me.

What an amazing thing it is to be alive and to know the one who made me.

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