January 21, 1999 – Thursday – 9:58 p.m.

I worked in the bookstore for eight hours today.  Closing time was chaos, but I laughed my way through it and had a blast.  Mom called me yesterday and told me that Cheryl’s fiancé David had been diagnosed with cancer.  It was in his kidneys and testicles.  He got one testicle and one kidney removed and is taking Chemotherapy.  They still plan to get married this summer even though he may be sterile.  I’ve known Cheryl a long time now; before she was even a teenager.  How strong she must be now.

Where suddenly have we gone?

Life has felt so random the past few days.  I played chess with Jeremy last night and hung out with him and a newly married couple named Andrea and Charles.  Mom and Henry live in a trailer now.  They have some land with it.  Kimberly is having her 16th birthday party on Saturday the 30th.  I’m getting my haircut at Christin’s tomorrow.  Nicole invited me over Saturday evening for a dinner party.  I pretended to be a mannequin at the bookstore today, and I actually fooled some people.

This morning I took some free time and drove around the border into North Carolina.  I went way past Moyock and was reminded of the beauty of my home state.  I miss it so, and I’m glad I’ll always be able to say it is where I am from.

On the way back I visited an amazing park in Chesapeake and found inspiration for a five minute short film.  I hope to make it in my Introduction to Film class.

Today was a good day.


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