December 10, 1998 – Thursday – 9:50 p.m.

It has been a year since Sarah and I took that walk out to the park.  I still remember her lips.  Here I am, one year from that night, still so glad that the moment happened.

On this December 10th I had rehearsal at church with a fantastic group of beautiful and energy-filled teenagers.  Man, I love them!  I prayed for each one specifically tonight.  They are so hungry.  It was a special moment.

After rehearsal Kimberly and Christin and I went out to eat and I told them about how special my friendships were with Lindy and Abigail and so many other girls and Lees-McRae and from Abundant Life Christian Center.  It was very clear to the three of us that the two of them, plus Sterling, were now included in that list of special female friends.

You know, I don’t think there’s anything better than leaving home for the first time.

Work has been tough and studying for exams is time-consuming.  It will be nice when I can find more time to simply exist in my solitude.

I drove Kimberly home tonight.  I love the way she laughs.  She turns 16 in about a month and a half.

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