November 29, 1998 – Sunday – 10:40 p.m.

“Fall is walking us into a cold December wind.”

Oh, but my heart has never been warmer.  I spent the day with Sterling and Christen, though it felt like Jesus was there with us the whole time.  We went out to eat and then decorated Christen’s Christmas tree.  Sterling and I went shopping and then the three of us went to see Kathy Troccoli in concert.  Sterling and Christen were able to get her autograph.  The whole day was just filled with priceless memories.  It felt as though we never stopped laughing.  Even spilling strawberry cheesecake all over my pants was delightful, and Sterling and I have this little game where we look at each other and then run and stand in a place we’ve never stood before, then make a pose.

Life is unbelievably grand.  Jesus gives me a constant smile, and the fact that my smile is slightly crooked just blesses me all the more!


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