August 7, 1998 – Friday – 7:00 a.m

I’m in America!  America the beautiful.  Everyone working in the Miami airport though speaks Spanish.  I have yet to hear English.

I am in the same state as my parents; the same state as Emily.

So, according to all the news magazine covers, it appears the world is going nuts over something Bill Clinton did.  I’m not sure what exactly, but there is this other woman on the covers that is not his wife.  I’m back in America for one second and I’m already disgusted.

Ducky is here with me now.  Her real name is Amy.  I call her Ducky because she kinda looks like Ducky from The Land Before Time.  She keeps glancing over here and reading everything I write.  Doesn’t she know journals are personal?  Quit looking!

Ha, she’s smiling now.

I’m sure I’ll read this a few years from now and have a good laugh.  Thanks Ducky!


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