August 6, 1998 – Thursday – 8:55 p.m.

I am in Cape Town, South Africa.  We just flew here from Joburg.  We will soon me leaving for Miami, FL.  It’s my first time in this town and soon it’ll be my first time in Miami.  The flight will take 14 hours.  Right now it is 3pm in Miami.

We had some nice team-time yesterday to really appreciate each other and all that has happened.  This time has truly been fantastic.  I took some time this morning to personally thank God for it, and I will continue to do that every day.

Our safari outside Sun City, South Africa was amazing.  I saw Rhinos, Hippos, Elephants, Zebras, and even cheetahs.  I took so many pictures!  We even drove into Sun City and I hope someday to return there and bring my wife.  It is so beautiful.  We ate ostrich and elephant.  I even ate three worms that tasted like wet popcorn.  At first I thought they were good, but then quickly changed my mind.

We went to another restaurant today and ate more exotic food like zebra and rhino; that is some different meat for sure…it doesn’t taste like chicken.

We are in the air now.  I see the midnight waves crashing upon the shores of Cape Town below.

I will miss this time in my life, but I know only better times lie ahead.

You constantly amaze me God.  I love you.

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