July 14, 1998 – Tuesday – 10:05 p.m.

I am here.  I have seen the sunset in Africa.

We are staying at a place on top of a hill here in Johannesburg.  The view outside my window is gorgeous.  I’m an official Mission Advisor now.  Paul and a different John than the one on my travel group is with me as well.  My team leaders are Shawn and Barbie.  Shawn is a drummer for Acquire The Fire.  The other MA’s are Joey, Andrea, Angela, and Kita.  The other team members are John, Amanda, Rebecca, Lauren, Julie, Brandy, Anne, Laura, Joel, John, Trista, Sarah, Paul, Krystal, and Chris.  I think that’s all of them.  And our project directors are Rich and Michelle.  There are many others in other teams, about 75 all together, and I’ve already made friends with many of them like Bekah, Jamie, Audrey, Jessica, Amy, Corey, and Brock.  I will still see them, just not as much as my own team.

The land is amazing, but I only saw what I could from a short bus ride.  Now it’s time to sleep.



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