July 7, 1998 – Tuesday – 11:00 a.m.

I just had an interview with the Regent Bookstore manager.  She wants me to call her from Texas around Friday and she’ll let me know if I have a job or not.  It went really well though.

Going to the 700 club was really neat yesterday.  Then I drove up to Lanexa and visited both sets of my grandparents.  They gave me a lot of food, it’s so nice being only an hour and a half away from them.

I met a guy yesterday who said he heard about me through Coleen.  He’s in the Theater Department.  Another girl stopped me today and somehow had heard of me and knew I was studying film, she asked if I wanted to help on a film shoot, but I told her I would be in South Africa.

I called Sarah last night and she isn’t doing well, but she said she was happy to hear how well I was doing.  She said she still loves me, yet I feel like I’m growing up so fast and I’m not sure where she fits in right now.

Everything is packed and ready for Africa.  All except this journal.

Here we go…!


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