June 22, 1998 – Monday – 10:36 p.m.

It has been seven months since Sarah and I began.


Seven is God’s number of completion.

Things are completed.

The end is here.

God did this. He used me.

Praise the Lord!

I have a dream. Something I want in this life. I call it “three in one.”

Jesus, my girl, and me.

I told Sarah about it. I wanted us to have that. But we never did. She told me she wasn’t ready to talk about her spirit, and she made me believe that her relationship with God was too personal to share, so I waited.

I have waited seven months.

Now that I am leaving, she has confessed to me that she never talked to me about her faith because she was afraid I wouldn’t want to be with her if I knew what she believed.  She called herself a bitch, since she knew the most important part of my life, yet she decided to live a silent lie about it.

It felt good for her to finally talk.  We talked so much more, but I will not give every detail here.  I love her still and I have forgiven her.  I let her know that I was here if she ever needed to talk about what she believes.

She simply doubts, and that is often a great place to be in, for it leads to a deeper faith.

We plan to see each other on Friday and then that will be it.

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