June 7, 1998 – Sunday – 12:40 a.m.

To me it is still Saturday.  Today was supposed to be the day Sarah and I went to Carowinds to see Rebecca St. James and Cindy Morgan in concert, but Sarah got really sick with Strep Throat on Thursday.  I went to see her on Friday and spent nearly every second with her all weekend until just now.  We snuggled most of Friday; she would fall in and out of sleep and I would just be next to her and tickle her back.

We went to see The Truman Show today after she started feeling a bit better.  What a brilliant movie!

Mason was in Greensboro today, so he stopped to visit us at Sarah’s house.  It was nice to see him.  He had a girl with him; someone he has been seeing from Tweetsie Railroad.  The four of us went out to eat together.

Sarah and I had a difficult time when it came time for me to leave.  We have only 20 days left.  Then I will leave and neither of us knows what will happen.

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