May 12, 1998 – Tuesday – 9:30 p.m.


Things have changed.  I’ve ben working on my missions stuff and have decided not to go to Virginia Beach until the 1st of July.  I left that good news on Sarah’s answering machine.  I got so much accomplished today, including my passport application and 33 fund-raising letters are ready for the mail!  I drove all around today, from Sanford to Chapel Hill.  It was so much fun!

. . .

Sarah just called me while I was writing.  She sounded amazing!  She said that my July 1st news made her so happy and she listened to my voice mail message 10 times in a row.  She is now keeping a journal of letters to me and she apologized to me for trying to push me away from her earlier in the semester.  She said she did it to try and save herself from the pain she is feeling now, but realizes how stupid that approach was.

She loves me very much.

I believe her.


I will try to see her Friday.  I can’t wait.  Oh God, I don’t deserve such an amazing and beautiful woman, but thank you for such a good gift!

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