April 16, 1998 – Thursday – 11:30 a.m.

It is Henry’s birthday.  He is 44 or 45.  I talked to my mom today.  There is a slight possibility that Mom, Henry, and Nate might move to Pensacola, Florida.  Wow, that’s only about 30 minutes from Emily.


Henry is going to go to the Brownsville School of Evangelism or Ministry or something.  They don’t allow distant marriages, so Mom and Nate would have to go with him.  That means selling the house and everything.

I talked to Marcus today as well.  He is going to come up on the 10th of May and will head back on the 11th.  Mom said Kevin goes up to Virginia every weekend to see Dad and Grandpa.  Grandpa hasn’t been doing to well.  He’s been in the hospital for nearly a month now.  I’ll try to get up there in May.

Sarah and Jessi didn’t make it into Summer Theater.  It came as a big blow to the whole department.  No one understands and Sarah has taken that rejection really hard.  Both of them came over last night and I held both of them for an hour.  They don’t know what the summer of ’98 will hold for them.

I’m not really sure what it holds for me.  Regent classes begin on the 31st of August.  I hope to arrive by the 18th.

Sarah and Jessi have been the greatest blessing of my senior year.  Things are moving so quickly and feeling so crazy.  I don’t know which way the wind blows, so I’m going to let God take care of tomorrow.  He is in control.

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