March 13, 1998 – Friday – 5:30 p.m.

The 13th of March.  My thoughts are running deep.  I haven’t seen Sarah in two days and I’m not sure if I miss her.

I’m looking forward to moving away from this place just so I can find out how much it actually means to me.

I need to keep reminding myself that this world has nothing for me.  That this is not my home and I do not belong here.  I have a peace that passes all understanding and I need to share that with whomever I can before it’s too late.  But I am not their savior.  I’m just a fellow passenger.

I am never alone.  I love my solitude.  I always feel God with me.

So what about these other creations around me?  Am I just to love them?  Can it be that simple?

It sure seems to be.

I don’t want this gift of life to escape me.  I want to live and be happy in Jesus.  I want to be happy in love, to truly be wherever I am.  To give and not take.

Oh, love take over me, I want to do everything the right way!


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