March 4, 1998 – Wednesday – 3:00 p.m.

It has been an amazing day.  Nothing has happened, but everything has happened.

Snow is on the ground again.  My one-act is coming together wonderfully.  Sarah is beautiful.  I’m researching my Omega paper on Titanic.  Life is flying by, but I’m enjoying it.  My friends are amazing and I’m spending time with my Lord every morning.  Each thing and each person around me become more beautiful by the hour.

God is blessing me.

I don’t deserve it, but he is blessing me.  I give you all the credit God!

We are already into the third month of the year.  So many little wonderful smiles are occurring between myself and the people I know and love.  I know all of this will change, but what is occurring now will last forever in these pages and in my heart.

“Love is an ever-fixed mark that looks upon tempests and is not moved.”

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