February 1, 1998 – Sunday – 12:45 p.m.

The last day of January brought an amazing and unexpected joy.  A 17-year-old named Rebecca came to visit Lees-McRae.  She auditioned for our Performing Arts department and had some interviews.  She stayed with Andrea and Andrea brought her over to meet some of the guys in McAlister.  Andrea left and Rebecca and I had some time just to talk alone.  We completely bonded.  She is a Christian and we just talked and talked about God in our lives.  It was really cool.  She told me that she knows why she came up here this weekend.

“Why?” I asked.

“To meet you,” she said.

She was a blessing to me last night.  She stayed in my room until one in the morning.  Sarah came over to meet her, but Sarah didn’t seem to like her too much.

Sarah and I…oh, I don’t know.

Oh God, Holy, Holy, Holy God!  Please guide my path.

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