January 19, 1998 – Monday – 9:40 a.m.

Thank you Jesus.  Oh man, God sure does know what he is doing.

Sarah came into my room last night after dinner.  A bunch of people were in here and she just kind of hung out.  She gave me a letter and I just set it aside.  She was sitting close to me and we were just joking around, but then we shared a look and neither one of us turned our eyes away from each other for a while.

The others went into another room and we were alone.  I read the letter she wrote in front of her.  She said that she felt like she messed up big time.  She said she never wanted to lose me.

We talked last night after the Golden Globes.  She said that all her previous relationships before me were just games, but she quickly realized that I wasn’t playing a game; that I meant everything I said.  I guess she just needed me to know that she needed more time before fully committing to a relationship that would be a serious as I desire for all my relationships to be.

But also, last night over the phone, we began to share our relationship with God to each other, and I got to share with her what really makes me me.

It was awesome.

I love her so much.

Thank you God for having us not get too far away from each other.

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