November 3, 1997 – Monday – 11:00 a.m.

After dinner yesterday, I followed Tracey, Ann-Marie, Lindy and Abigail to Tracey’s room.  For all of that Sunday, Abigail was placed on vocal rest.  Not only was she not allowed to sing, but she wasn’t allowed to even speak.

So, there I sat, on Tracey’s bed, with a real life Little Mermaid by my side.  It was a lazy Sunday evening and her head rested beautifully on a pillow next to me.  She was in a perfect position for me to touch her face, tickle her back, but I didn’t…mainly because I knew how much I wanted to.

Then, after a while, she looked up at me and with her own hand she ran her fingers down the side of her face.  She did it twice.

I took that as permission to do what I had been dreaming about since the moment she laid down next to me.  It had been eight months since I last touched her face.  For over an hour, with my eyes closed, but peeking every now and then, I ran my fingers down her fair and the side of her face.

She fell asleep, as did I.

We awoke.  She couldn’t say anything, so with a smile she just patted me on my head.  And I slowly left to do some homework.

I wish I could describe the flames I felt in my stomach as I touched her.  Does she know what it does to me?  But I will do my best not to worry about it and just be her friend.

She gets to speak today.  I wonder what she’ll say.

But I did nothing wrong.  She knows about the last time, yet she gave me permission this time, so I’m in the clear.  Oh, that’s a stupid way to look at it.

I’m glad she asked me.

It was wonderful.

It’s a shame we had to wake up.


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