October 10, 1997 – Friday – 6:00 p.m.

Another Friday, but this Friday is different.  For the first time in five weeks, I’m spending the weekend at Lees-McRae.  I’ve traveled to TN, GA, NC, KY, and D.C. the past few weekends, and I’m happy to stay home.

I know, this is a really big pen, but it’s all I have.

Last night Charlie, Justin, Ashley, Alex, Ann-Marie, Meghann, Drew, and Allison went to Macado’s in Boone.  Allison talked the whole time.  She is so cute and funny.  She’s Sarah’s roommate.  Before we said our goodbyes she hugged me, then looked at me, and, to my surprise, ran her finger down my crooked chin.

Man, this is a really big pen.  I guess it’s really a marker.

Rehearsals for The Misanthrope start on Monday, as well as my “Masks” rehearsals.

Things will remain pretty busy for the remainder of the semester.

Graduation is exactly seven months from today.

I’ll be ready to go by then.

I know it.

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