July 27, 1997 – Sunday – 5:30 p.m.

I watched Sherlive sleep this morning.  So adorable and precious.  We ate breakfast together, Corn Pops.

While we were getting ready for church this morning, she said out of the blue, “You know Jacob, you’re really spiffy!”

She thinks I’m spiffy.

We sat next to each other in church.  We went to Subway for lunch and talked about God’s awesomeness.  She went to work with me for a couple of hours.  We came back to my room, had a snack, and she told me more about her family and we talked more about our faith and about God.

I have to work tonight, but she has gone to church.  Before she left she said, “You’re so cool, because I’ve known you two weeks and we are already talking deeper than friends I’ve had for two years.”  Then she said thanks for all the food and the place to sleep.  She said I was cool, nifty, groovy, and spiffy.

She is simply a miracle.


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