June 30, 1997 – Monday – 12:20 p.m.

The last day of June!

1997 will be half over in 12 hours.

I went running this morning.  Some days are great and I know everything.  Others are confusing and I know nothing.  Some days I live in the spirit.  Other days I live in the flesh.  But I will be free.  I am already.

Allen turned 21 yesterday.  I never see Vince anymore.  He is always with that girl who thinks she is so holy she won’t allow people to pass gas around her.  It’s nice knowing no girl will ever take Jesus away from me.

I just wish there was a girl here I could really talk to; a girl who would just relax.  If one ever does come, I will not throw my guy friends to the side.  A month and a half until I’m 21.  I’m growing older.  I don’t mind, I just pray I never lose the child inside me.

Oh God…take me home!


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