June 23, 1997 – Monday – 11:25 a.m.

A year ago yesterday, I filmed a wedding anniversary at The Farm House and met Dawn.  Yesterday, we went to church together.  Hmm.

Kate and Charlie have broken up.  It happened a couple of days ago.  Charlie says they still talk some.  He is having people pray that they get back together.  Kate broke up with him.  She said she had been feeling it was ending for about a month.

God’s will be done.

I got my Regent University application in today.  It’s a big application and it appears to be a long process.

Last night I walked to Wildcat Lake and on the way back, someone followed me from a nearby home.  They followed me a long the road, but then disappeared as I walked up Faculty Hill Dr.  Kinda scary, but probably nothing.

My Fair Lady begins Thursday.  We are planning a one day Deep Creek trip for July 5th.  Rebecca St. James is in concert in Siler City on July 13th.  The summer of 1997 is moving so fast.

On July 31st I will go to Chrysalis in Virginia.  There are two new student orientations that I’ll help with this summer and then RD training begins on the 11th of August.  The RAs arrive on the same day I turn 21.  New students arrive on the 24th.

Then September, October, November, December.






Regent University.

But your will be done God; not mine.

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