March 16, 1997 – Sunday – 8:30 p.m.

I am home. I forgot how much I love this place.  Things are kind of strange here.  Sharon had a very close friend die.  Vince and Laura are having to deal with a lot of stress and pressure from the world around them.  They are having a problem effectively communicating with each other as well.  In a way, it makes me thank God that I’m single.

These days I’ve become very comfortable with myself.  More comfortable than I ever thought I would.  I am falling in love with the Jesus that lives inside me.  I am happiest when I am alone; when it’s just me and God.

I arrived here in Banner Elk on August 28, 1994.  It is now March 16, 1997.  Only two years and seven months, but I’ve created a home and I hope I’ve shown God’s love to these people.  I have learned and accomplished a lot.  I have messed up a lot as well, but I’ve been forgiven.  So, I’m satisfied with my work so far.  I can see myself continuing beyond this place.  It will always remain special to me though.

In 13 1/2 months I’ll be headed off to create another definition of a temporary home on this earth.  My job is to tell stories and add to my collection.  I must keep my focus and never bow down to the values of this world.  I must keep my eyes on Jesus.  My heart goes out to the others around me.  Their pain is my pain.  I wonder if they realize how much I love them?

I belong to Jesus.  I am his.  He will take care of me; I am sure of it.  He shows his love to me everyday in so many ways.  I love him.  We are one.

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