March 9, 1997 – Sunday – 1:37 p.m.

I am in Kate’s red Ford Explorer somewhere around the middle of central Florida.  We left on Friday and arrived at Jim and Lisa’s house early Saturday morning.  We stayed the night, went to the pool with them, then Kate, and Charlie and I went to see Jerry Maquire.

Afterwards, some people came over for dinner and we played card games.  We went to their church this morning, had lunch together, and now we are on the way to Tampa.

Charlie and I had a great long talk last night.  He is wonderful. I’m learning a lot about myself.  I told him about Abigail, and he said that me sharing my feelings with her ended the mystery and girls are addicted to mystery.  Perhaps I need to learn how to play relationships games, even though I hate them.

We just did the Spook Hill thing in Lake Wales, Florida.  Weird.

Jim’s church has tons of old people in it.  That’s basically all it is.  One old lady even passed out during the service.  It was kinda scary, but Jim said it happens nearly every Sunday.

It was so great to see them and the kids.  The weekend was full of laughter and I look forward to the week ahead.

Lord please show up and change me into the person you want me to be.

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