March 4, 1997 – Tuesday – 9:00 a.m.

Things seem to be okay.  I feel kind of bad though.  I think I have confused Abigail.  We had planned on videotaping last night for an audition, but we didn’t.  I pray she gets through the semester.

Take her home Lord.  Take her back to her mom and dad.

Yesterday was interesting as a whole.  I got a rejection letter from Crosspoint and after discussing Holston camp with some others, I don’t think that is the place for me, so I applied to work for Summer Theater again.

It rained yesterday morning and I got really soaked as I walked all over campus running errands.  I was asked to videotape learning disability elementary students present their art work.  I learned a lot.

Yesterday evening, I went to Boone with Curtis.  We ate out.  I’m going to miss him.

Well, it is Tuesday.

I have a midterm exam today and two tomorrow.  It looks like I will be able to go to church tomorrow night and perhaps go to the Newsboys concert on Thursday night with Laura and Vince.  On Friday I will leave with Charlie and Kate to visit Jim and Lisa down in central Florida.  Then we will go to Tampa.  I’m sure I’ll go wave running and perhaps go to Busch Gardens again.

I will come back with seven weeks of school left.  I will watch the Oscars alone, do some projects, run sound for the dance concert, finish up the semester, go see Stomp with Jeni and Tracey and others, and stay here to watch Jeni graduate.  Then I’ll go home and work at McDonald’s for a month until Summer Theater begins.

But it will not be that simple.

There are eyes here that will haunt me.

And a face that my fingers will miss.

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