March 3, 1997 – Monday – 8:30 a.m.

Well now.



I uh…


Um.  Well.

Okay.  I guess that’s that.

I called Abigail last night and invited her over and told her how I felt about her, because, you know, I thought what we were becoming was just so obvious and I wanted to get it out in the open.

But it quickly became obvious that she didn’t feel about me the way I felt about her.  She asked me if she had given me any impression that she liked me, but I lied to her and said she didn’t even though we were both sitting on the spot where she let me explore her face for two hours, and where she clung to my side the night before.

I can’t believe she asked me that.  Did she really have no idea?  Did she really not see how close we had become?

I really don’t know what to say right now.

I guess I just have to focus on my homework again.

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