February 10, 1997 – Monday – 1:00 p.m.

Two days until the show opens.  Please help me God.  I can’t do this without you.

It is snowing outside.  The ground has been made white and pure.

Nate turns 12-years-old in two days.

Mark complimented me on my work ethic today at Lunch, and he’s a professional theater director from Broadway.  My journalism professor Steve, a professional from central Florida, said that I had a bigger grasp on the subject than any other student in the class.  Those who have made it, tell me I too will make it.

But my tongue grows dry.

My skin turns red.

My legs and shoulders ache.

But I do this work.  I enjoy it.  It is my passion and duty.

I tell stories.

And I’ll tell stories until I die.


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