January 16, 1997 – Thursday – 7:00 p.m.

I have had rehearsal for the past two nights.  It’s been fun.  This show is going to be amazing!

Tracey and Abigail went to Heaton Christian Church last night.  Abigail enjoyed it greatly.  She needs guidance and prayer.  I think she became dependent on K.C.  These are hard days for her right now.

Tracey and Derek aren’t together.  Tracey says its hard to be alone.

Jeni is not alone, but we’ve never been closer.

I have to learn to foxtrot for the show.  So, I went to a class and learned.  Mark, my director, was pretty impressed that I did that on my own.  Mark and Don, my set design professor, have been talking about me and some homework that I turned in recently.  Don even shared with Mark things I did last semester.  They like me.  I’ve made an impression.

It’s funny how things have changed.  1997 sounds funny.  Being the leading man in a huge production sounds funny.

My relationship with God has been so awesome these past 15 days; even to the point where other Christians are saying they feel intimidated by me.  I think it’s hard for Abigail and Ann-Marie to really talk to me and get to know me.  I think I scare them.

Ann-Marie was my foxtrot partner today.  It felt so awesome to dance with a girl.

Everything is ice outside now.  It is the dead of winter.  It feels like last winter.  It’s hard to believe a whole spring, summer, and fall have existed between them.

I too am alone.  I don’t think I’ll meet my girl here at Lees-McRae.  I even think that one day this place will fade away from my heart and into my memory.

Less than 16 months until the other storm will blow me away.  I can see it coming.  And I will be able to handle it.  For I know that never will any tempest tear me away from my Lord and Savior.

Love has saved me.


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