January 11, 1997 – Saturday – 8:45 p.m.

What a day this has been!

I woke up in a wonderful mood.  I did some homework, wrote in my journal, read my Bible, and prayed.  I went to lunch and everyone was there.

Around two o’clock, myself plus Timothy, Tracey, Jeni, and Abigail played in the snow around Cannon Cottage.  I took a couple of pictures.  After that we went to buy some condensed milk so we could make snow cream and then we watched Anne of Green Gables.  That movie is absolutely wonderful!  Anne is so beautifully amazing.  Abigail picked on me and said, “Is she the girl of your dreams, Jacob?”  I wanted to say, “No, you are,” but I kept my thoughts to myself.

We watched the movie in Jeni and Tracey’s room, and when dinner time came, everyone else went to eat, but Jeni and I stayed to finish the movie.  We had a special conversation.  Our friendship is so wonderful, possibly better than our relationship two years ago.

Near the end of the movie, before everyone left for dinner, Gilbert reached up and touched Anne’s face.

“Take notes Jacob,” said Tracey.

“Always touch the face!  Always touch the face!” Abigail shouted.

“Trust me, Jacob doesn’t have to worry about that.” Jeni said.

“What?” I asked.

“She’s saying you were a good boyfriend.” Tracey said.

That was so nice to hear and I was glad Abigail was there to hear Jeni say that.

I then left and played in the snow with Josh, Dan and Vince.

What a wonderful day!  A girly movie and snow cream with my girls, and a snow ball fight with my boys!


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