January 6, 1997 – Monday – 10:01 a.m.

Marcus and I drove up here to Banner Elk on the 4th.  We met Timothy and it was a fun trip.  We stopped in Boone so I could buy a new Bible.  It’s awesome.  We moved into our rooms.  Marcus and I watched Philadelphia and then went over to Sharon’s and Vince showed up right after we did.  We all stayed there until midnight.  It was great, so so great to be home.

Yesterday, the service at Heaton was awesome.  It’s clear to me now that that place is my church, that’s where I belong.  Allen and Marcus and I ate lunch with Charlie’s family.  It was nice to spend some time with him.  Charlie let me borrow A Time to Kill, and Marcus and Timothy and I watched it.  Great movie!

We had an RA meeting that night and then met the new students for the semester.  One beautiful girl introduced herself to me and then said, “Wow, you have the most beautiful eyes.”  I felt great for the rest of the evening.

Allen and Vince and I stayed up until two in the morning, just talking.

I am blessed.

I love this place and these people.

I love you God.

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