January 3, 1997 – Friday – 1:20 p.m.

Life has slowed down way too much!  It seems as if tomorrow is never going to arrive.

I was talking to Marcus a while back and he told me that he has no social life.  Kevin and I are off at school.  Everybody who he was close to at Abundant Life Christian Center has either changed or left; he is basically alone.

I told him this while we were driving home from church a couple of weeks ago:  “Marcus, I got to hand it to you…up at school there is a huge group, a big family of about 20 Christians all around the same age.  We all help each other grow.  We are there for each other.  We’re serving the Lord together and it makes it so much easier.  I mean for you, you’re trying to serve the Lord alone and…”

At this point Marcus brought his car to a stop in the middle of the road.

“Why did you stop the car?”

“Finish your sentence,” he said.

“Well, it must be really hard.”

Then he leaned into my face and looked at me with with such seriousness.  “Very hard,” he said and then started the car up again.

Smiles, words, compliments, they can all help so much.  Vince, Dan, Allen, Curtis, Abigail, Ann-Marie, Jeni, Tracey, Derek, Jessica, Shawna, Josh, Timothy, Rachel, Paul, Ellen, Kate, and those are just the ones on campus.  Then there are all the families from church, not to mention Charlie.

Marcus told me once that he prayed, “Father, I wish I had what Jacob has.  Can you give me what Jacob has, please?”

Why are you so good to me God?  I am nothing, yet you give me all this.

Love’s sweet name is Jesus.


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