January 1, 1997 – Wednesday – 11:39 p.m.

Since I slept through Christ’s party last night, I went to Christ’s tonight.  She answered the door and hugged me.  She looked older.  Last night was her birthday.  She turned 19.  I remember when she was 11.  Christi’s RA from college was there, as was Nicole and two other friends named David and Jack.  We all played cards.  I laughed my head off; they are the funniest people.  It was a very memorable night, but I’m a bit concerned about the spiritual condition of the family.  Things feel a little off.  Take care of them Lord, please.

Well, this year’s first day is over.  It was a great one.  Tomorrow is ten minutes away, and I claim it will be an even better one in the name of Jesus!

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