December 11, 1996 – Wednesday – 11:30 p.m.

I am home.

One of many anyway.

It’s been a fun day.  Timothy and I had a joyful ride home.  When I got here, Nate and I went for a walk on the railroad tracks.  While down there, a train came and we got under the bridge to watch it pass.  It was cool.

People are building on the land on the other side of the tracks.  The landscape has changed.  A small reminder that nothing lasts forever.

It is warmer here, but then again I’m about 3,500 feet closer to sea level.  It feels good to be here.  I went to church tonight.  It was a very small group.  There weren’t many young people there from the past.  None at all actually.  The older people seemed glad to see me.

It’s fun to simply talk to my mom.  Nate is hilarious.  Kevin isn’t here though.  He’s in Virginia.

Thank you God for all my homes.


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