December 1, 1996 – Sunday – 2:10 p.m.

Yesterday was really cool.  Vince, Jennifer, and their dad’s side of the family went into the city.  We went to a Sony IMAX theater and watched a cool 3D movie called Into the Deep.  It was an educational film about what happens under the ocean roof.  It really felt like I was there.  I was trying to reach out and touch all the little fish.  I’m blown away by how amazing God’s creation is.

After that, we walked to Central Park.  I saw the Plaza and the Ritz; just famous hotels you see in movies.  We went into F.A.O. Swartz and into the Warner Bros. Store.  I ate a $13 hamburger that was bought for me.  We went into the Empire State Building, but not up to the top.  We rode the train in as well as the subway.  The train ride back was fun.  Vince and I kept laughing at his little cousin as he was falling asleep.

We spent the night at Vince’s Dad’s house.  Before we fell asleep we spent about an hour in the hot tub.  Vince and I just talked about girls and our future plans.  He has finally found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  And that scares him in a way.

As for myself, well, I have beautiful friendships with lots of girls.  Perhaps someday one of those seedlings will grow into a tall tree.  I don’t think my girl is at Lees-McRae though.  I don’t think I’ve met her yet.  If I have met her, then it is Emily.

But I’m pretty sure I haven’t.

Oh, what am I talking about.  I don’t know anything.  And I’m not going to pretend that I do.  God knows what’s going on.  I’ll just let him do it all.

I awoke this morning in a bed that I have never slept in before.  Vince’s dad and stepmom cooked a lovely breakfast.  Over breakfast we talked about different church denominations and how not all point to Jesus as the only way.  The Holy Spirit brought things back to remembrance and I was given the opportunity to minister to that family.  Vince thanked me for it later.

We went back over to his mom’s.  They drove us to the airport and here I am now between two strangers.  Vince is further up near the front of the plane.

During our little vacation, Vince said something full of a lot of wisdom.  He said the only thing a person needs in life is Him, Us, and We.  Him is God.  Him is first.  Second is Us, the love of one’s life.  Third is We, a truly special friend.

Vince told me that I introduced him to all three in the past year:  God, Laura, and Me.

This trip has been such a blessing.  Everything was paid for by others.  God cares so much for me.

We will land in Charlotte, then take a plane to Johnson City.  Sharon and Laura will be waiting to greet us.  I have some school work to do tonight.  I will spend the next week working on the Christmas show, writing a paper on Braveheart, finishing my photography project, studying for finals and simply worshipping my God.

Just this year, I’ve gone to Arizona, Florida, and New York.  I stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon, rode wave runners in the Gulf of Mexico, and saw a show on Broadway.

God is so good.

He’s so good to me.


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