November 23, 1996 – Saturday – 3:15 p.m.

Oh God…I hurt so bad inside.  Last night…oh forget about last night.  I just spent an hour with Abigail.  We were in Timothy’s room.  I was helping her with a research paper.  Timothy had to leave…we were alone.  She is amazing.  I asked her how K.C. was doing.  She began talking about him.  Whenever she talks about him her whole body perks up.  They sing together and go around to different churches to minister.  I’ve never heard anyone sing as beautifully as Abigail

Vince and Laura are absolutely perfect together.  Vince is so happy; Laura’s face is twice as bright and beautiful when she is next to him.

Curtis is seeing Ryan.  He even has a new smile on his face.

Nobody wants me.  Is there any hope God?  I can’t do this alone.

Forget it.  I’ll just wait on you.  I’m waiting for some girl, but she’ll never come.  You’re the only thing that will last until the end and beyond.


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