November 7, 1996 – Thursday – 2:15 p.m.

It’s raining outside.  It’s beautiful.

I’m listening to Christmas music.

Laura’s birthday was yesterday.  They had a party for her last night. I wasn’t able to go.  She is seventeen.  Vince talks to me about the two of them.  They might actually make it.  He adores her.  I’m so glad they are together.

For the past two evenings I have been at tech rehearsal for the upcoming dance concert.  I’m the Assistant Stage Manager.

Last night Josh sang in the performance seminar.  I’ve told you about Josh I’m sure.  He’s the 18-year-old who looks 12.  The song he sang was adorable.  He is so precious.  He’s only five feet tall.  He looks up to me as a role model and he tells me as much.  He’s a good friend.

Alex is in my playwriting class.  All of the short plays he has written so far haven’t been very good, but his one-act is turning out to be amazing.  He’s really just meeting with Doc and she’s writing down everything he says, but it’s brilliant; better than anything I could write.

It’s so crazy to realize the semester is marching to an end.

A couple of nights ago at Sharon’s Bible study, there was a moment when Abigail, Ann-Marie, Tracey, Ellen, Jeni, and I went outside and into the tree house on their property.  It was really cold, so we all bundled together for body heat.  Everyone’s arms were around each other.  Abigail’s soul wasn’t hurting, but the cold hurt her body.  I was close to her, holding her; her head in my chest.  What I prayed on the 29th of the past month has come true.

Thank you God.


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