November 2, 1996 – Saturday – 10:10 a.m.

Vince, Curtis, and I went to Boone yesterday.  Curtis’ car messed up, so we spent about an hour at Don Smith Honda.  I found out Marsi works there; she graduated from LMC.  She made me some hot chocolate while we waited.

Jessica came over last night at 8 o’clock.  I knew she liked animals, so I spread my Tiger blanket my parents got when we lived in West Germany across my bed.  She really liked the movie.  My dad called while we were watching it.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that I called Tenielle before Jessica came over.  She told me that her mom let Jenna’s boyfriend stay at their house and a big fight began between them somehow.  Pastor Steve came over to try and settle things.  A week or so ago Tenielle went through another deliverance session at church.  Everybody was up there praying for her.  Everyone except John.

Thank you Lord for sending me away from that world.

Anyway, the movie ended and Jessica and I talked for a while, then I walked her back.  I called my dad back and he seems okay.  While talking to my dad, Jeni called me and asked me if she and Ann-Marie could come over.


So, I got off the phone with my dad.  Jeni was dressed as Wonder Woman, she had been at a costume party in the student center, but Ann-Marie was just dressed as herself.  They hung out in my room from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.  A lot of things were said; it’s so great that Jeni and I are such good friends again.  Ann-Marie was simply beautiful.

Abigail went home for the weekend.  She has a very close friend named K.C.  Ann-Marie and Jeni were talking about him.  I met him before, he is a very strong Christian.  Abigail is crazy about him; I can tell by the way she talks about him.  I’m happy for her.  Abigail said, “I just want to hug him.”

I wonder if someone in the world talks about me like that.


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