November 1, 1996 – Friday – 8:15 a.m.

Last night was so awesome.  The band was great.  Jessica rode with Dan, Allen, Curtis, and myself.  Abigail skipped class and came with Josh, Tracey, Jeni, and Ann-Marie.  I hurt my neck trying to pick Josh up on my shoulders.  I stood next to Jessica most of the night.  She is really into nature and likes all kinds of animals, so I invited her over to my room tonight to watch Never Cry Wolf with me.  She said she would come.

Jessica is only about five feet tall.  I’m 6’2″.  But she’s adorable.  She dresses beautifully.  She has this long thick curly black hair and the cutest little laugh, she almost looks like her stomach is aching.

The spiritual side of Abigail stabs holes in my soul.  It amazes me.  But, our relationship can’t get any better than that glance from yesterday.

Jessica, Abigail, Shawna, Ann-Marie.

Four Freshman girls that I am adding to my collection.  They are becoming a small part of me.

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