October 31, 1996 – Thursday – 5:40 p.m.

We just had our small group Bible Study.  Ann-Marie came.  Jessica, Abigail, and Shawna were there as well.  We talked about why we believe in Jesus and how he has worked in our lives.  We all told personal stories and then listened to some songs.  Ann-Marie cried.  It was very moving.  After it was all over, I told everyone how happy I am to have them here;  how important it was for me just to see them smile.

We all left for dinner, and on the way down we were walking on the side rails of the gravel sidewalk.  Abigail and I fell off at the same time and looked at each other.  We smiled.  I looked away, and then she punched me in the arm.

It was a tap of friendship.  Earlier she told me she was glad that I was here.  I felt like Colonel Brandon, when Mary Anne simply said “Thank you.”

That is all that I needed.

Simple love will keep me strong.

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