October 21, 1996 -Monday – 10:20 a.m.

I did get a hold of Tenielle.  She met with Shurby and had a deliverance session.  She said demons were cast out of her.  I praise God for that and still continue to pray for her.

My role in Rosengrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is so easy and fun.  I thank God for my chance to work with that cast.  The show opens on Thursday.  My parents are coming on Sunday.

It has finally grown colder than usual.  The leaves are mostly off the trees and the top of Beech Mountain was frosty white on Saturday.

Wilkes came up to visit this past weekend.  He was one of the guys that worked with Vince and Ellen over the summer.  He and Ellen and I met up with Marjorie in Boone.  We went to a cool restaurant and simply laughed our butts off the whole night.

We ended up spending time at Marjorie’s house.  She such a cool girl.  I hope to see her again.

Yesterday, Vince and Laura and I visited Banner Elk Christian Fellowship.  It was great.  I saw a lot of people I knew.  The worship service was wonderful.  I want to go back, but next Sunday, I’m leading the Children’s Church at Heaton.

Jeni told me that Ann-Marie told her that I was a nice and sweet guy, but that my future plans do not go along with hers.  Therefore, she is not going to “waste her time.”  Which I agree with, but she seems to avoid me.  I try to talk to her and become simply a close Christian friend, but she won’t open up.  She is the props runner for the show.  Every time I talk to her she has this look on her face like, “Why are you talking to me?”

I wrote the two papers that were due, but I only read one play.  Vince and I leave for New York in five weeks.  Then two weeks of classes and exams and then I will go home.  I’ll work at McDonald’s for a month.  Christmas, and then 1997.

But before 1997 arrives, I have a show every night this week.

I give all of this to you God.


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