October 16, 1996 – Wednesday – 3:30 p.m.

I called Sharon yesterday and talked to her about the problems with Kevin.  She then began to tell me about what Laura was going through; something Laura had been meaning to talk to me about.

It seems Laura has been going through what I’ve been going through with Heaton Christian Church.  Laura feels intimidated by Charlie.  She feels as if she is not free to worship.  We talked a lot about this.  She has been feeling this way long before I said anything.  She too has been thinking about Banner Elk Christian Fellowship.  But the problem is that the only church Vince has ever known is Heaton Christian Church.  He met the Lord there.  Laura was concerned about all the fuss that would be made if all three of us went to a different church.  But Charlie and others only see Heaton, they don’t see the entire body of Christ as a whole.

I asked Laura if she remembered when her and I were prayer partners.  She said, “Yes, I still have the list of people you gave me and I still pray for them.”

I couldn’t believe it.

That was months ago and she still prays.

I told her that I backed away from talking and praying with her because Vince came along.  The two of them began a relationship and Vince should be her prayer partner.  A relationship should never just be a guy and a girl; it should be the guy, the girl, and God.  Laura agreed with me.

I asked her if she and Vince had the kind of relationship in which they prayed, worshipped and read the Bible together.  She said no.  Vince is the man, I feel it is his place to lead them in that.  Laura has been thinking about it a lot and tried to think of ways to begin it.  So, I told Vince and he felt stupid because he didn’t know.  He seems like all they’ve been doing is running together and making-out.  So, he met her later and they talked about it.  Vince thanked me so much for helping their relationship out.

And for the rest of that day, I couldn’t get Laura out of my mind.  I couldn’t believe she still prayed for me and those names I gave her.

I will say this now and it will never change:  Laura, you are without a doubt, one of the greatest creations God has placed on this earth.

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