October 9, 1996 – Wednesday – 1:50 p.m.

Yesterday, Charlie took me out to lunch, but he made me pay for everything.  He heard about what I’ve been thinking about regarding church.  He was angry and told me all kinds of stuff.  He yelled.  He cursed.  I felt terrible.

I went for a walk later and God told me that most of what he said wasn’t even true.

I spent some time with Tracey and I called Sharon.  My decision is final; I’m at least going to visit Banner Elk Christian Fellowship because I believe God has something for me there.  So, I’m going to obey him.

Fall Break is beginning.  Mid-terms are over.  My mid-terms grades are in; I have five As and one B.  In two of my classes I am the only one with an A.  Cool huh?

I am happy.

I called Ann-Marie last night and we talked for a little while.  I also talked to Abigail yesterday and she said she would be praying for me.  Those two girls are such a blessing.

We leave for Tampa after church tonight.  I will ride with Dan and Allen.  I pray that Charlie and I get along.  I also pray that I don’t spend too much money.

God is good to me.

He cares for me.

I love him.


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