September 28, 1996 – Saturday – 9:30 a.m.

A rehearsal was called, so I couldn’t go to see Billy Graham.  I was sad, but my brother called me and said he was coming up to visit.  He got here around 8:00 p.m. last night.  Allen and Ellen went down to Charlotte for the crusade, but Vince and Curtis were over at Sharon’s.  So, Kevin, Dan, and I went over there.  It was nice to see Kevin hang out with my dear friends.

Two other amazing things happened yesterday.

Last week on Sunday, while we were eating breakfast before church, a girl was looking at me.  This girl’s name is Marta.  She is from Ukraine.  I was introduced to her at the beginning of the year and we usually say hi when we see each other.  But last week, she just kept looking at me, so I went over and chatted and asked her if she wanted to go to church with me.  She said no because she was working on a presentation.  She said maybe next time.

So Wednesday night I found her number and called her.  She didn’t recognize my name nor my voice and she can still barely understand English, so our conversation went nowhere.

But yesterday, Kim, our CSU sponsor came to breakfast with her two little boys Jonathan and Peter.  Peter is only four months old, so she let me carry him and walk him around while she ate.  The baby is adorable and I got all these looks from nearly every girl in the cafeteria.  Marta was one of them.

She said “hey” to me throughout the day, and that night at dinner I invited her again to church.  She said she would come.

I’m excited.  I hope she does.  She’s a little hard to talk to, but I think we are learning how to talk with our eyes.

The other amazing thing that happened was that our small group met and we began talking about prayer.  I mentioned praying in tongues.  Jessica wasn’t there, but Shawna said she’d heard about it, but Abigail said she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and that she prays in tongues.  We both went crazy when we found out.  She told me Ann-Marie did too.

I’ve been here for over two years and they are the first two I’ve ever known to be of my spiritual background.  Both Abigail and Ann-Marie are Performing Arts majors.  They are great and beautiful.  I praise God for bringing them here.

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