September 26, 1996 – Thursday – 4:00 p.m.

Yesterday was so cool.  Vince and I went hiking at upper creek falls.  I took a lot of pictures.  There was a rock slide that we slid down.  It was the closest thing to deep creek that I’ve done this year.

It’s hard to believe September is nearly over.  The leaves are already falling.  Time is passing so quickly.  I feel as if life has escaped my journal.  I haven’t written much, but all is well.

I went to see The Taffetas last night.  It was a lot of fun.

Today in Playwriting class, the whole class got stirred up because of what I wrote about a Christian virgin speaking with a prostitute.  I based it off of that scene I did my freshman year.  My play was simply about two different lives as they crossed paths, but it made others uncomfortable.

Doc said I was a great writer.  She said it comes naturally to me.  It’s a gift.  The class spent 20 minutes talking about it.  No one’s else work was really talked about.  I made them stop and think.  My dream is coming true.

This weekend a group of us are going to drive down to the Billy Graham crusade in Charlotte.  I’m looking forward to it.

We are one month into the semester.  It’s been amazing.  God is obviously taking such good care of me.

Thank you Lord.


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