September 11, 1996 – Wednesday – 5:50 p.m.

The weirdest thing happened today.  I was talking with Alex, a directing class student, and he told me that Dr. Speer told him that she was really looking forward to having me in the directing class next year because she could see the natural God-given talent that I have.  Alex also said that other students are looking forward to being in my scenes.  Josh even told me that he didn’t take Acting this year just so he could work with me next year.

I don’t understand.

I directed a few skits back home, and I did the Christmas Show at Heaton last year and few skits this year, but that is all.  Yet, people know about me and they view me as a director.

Thank you for the affirmation Lord.  I desire to tell stories through theater and film about the love you have shown me.  You are perfect.  I want to grow closer to you.


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