September 9, 1996 – Monday – 5:55 p.m.

The party at Marty and Stan’s was so much fun.  I took some pictures.

Sunday morning I was going to visit Kat’s church in Boone, but Vince wouldn’t let me borrow his car.  But Heaton was still great.  Jim and Lisa invited me over for lunch, along with Charlie, Kate, Dan L., Jamie, and Casey.  They are such a funny family.

I jumped on the trampoline with their two kids, Hope and Joy.  Then we went up to Leslie’s and went horseback riding.

After church that night, Vince and Laura went off and did their thing.  I came back to do homework.

The two of them are together.  He has kissed her.  He has held her.  She is telling him her deepest dreams.

I just pray that Vince’s time with her doesn’t subtract from our time with him.

But I can see that it already has.


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