August 20, 1996 – Tuesday – 7:35 p.m.

Yesterday evening, Vince, Dan, and I went hiking up on nearby hanging rock.  It was really rough and our pants got soaked thanks to the earlier rain lingering on the tall grass.  Vince got us lost on the way back from a really great view.  It was tiring, but fun.

That night we went to Sharon’s for Bible Study.  It was great.  Laura and Melissa talked with us a lot more than usual and we munched on popcorn and chips.  I took a few pictures.  I always have a blast in that house.

We registered for classes today, I spent $161.11 on my books, and later all of us went to the grocery store, where I ran into Debbie.  She got really embarrassed and could hardly speak.  At first I thought it was because she must really like me, but then I realized it was because she was carrying two cases of beer under her arms.

Oh well.  She quickly walked off, after simply being polite.  It hurt, but I wasn’t surprised.



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