August 4, 1996 – Sunday – 5:30 p.m.

One year ago I was driving through Alabama.

A year is not a long time at all.

A lifetime seems only a few breaths longer.

Yesterday, Alison, Craig, Allen, Rachel, and myself helped a family move into their new home near Pineola.  It was fun.  Hopefully we’ll see them again.

That night, Vince, Allen, Curtis, Ellen and myself went to Boone, ate at Wendy’s and went to see The Nutty Professor.  Hilarious!!  I’ve never seen Vince laugh so hard.

We ran into Melissa and Laura.  Vince stumbled over his words.  Laura said she was going to break up with that boyfriend of hers.

Erin and Marjorie came to church this morning.  Erin leaves tonight.  Marjorie lives in Boone, I’ll see her again.

Today is Vince’s last day at the camp.  We are all glad it is over.

I’ve been asked to run lights for Crazy for You.  I have rehearsal in 20 minutes.

Life is good.  Charlie preached this morning.  I don’t see him that often, but he is still here.

On the 14th of this month I begin teaching the new 5th and 6th grade class at church.  Hannah and Megan will be in there.  They are excited.  I am too.

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