August 2, 1996 – Friday – 8:45 p.m.

I just did the most amazing thing.  I called Veronica.  Remember her?  In a month and half she turns 15-years-old.  She sounded older.  I didn’t recognize her voice.  She sounded beautiful.  They live in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  She told me it was really weird that I called her because she had just written me a letter two days ago, but hadn’t mailed it yet.  We had a fun conversation.  We laughed.  I talked to the rest of the family as well.  They are all doing great.

Then, Shirley asked me if I had any romantic relationships.  I told her no, then she went on and on about how beautiful and mature Veronica had become.  Shirley has gotten a job and works late, so Veronica cooks for the whole family and has become really good at it.

It was a great moment, simply to hear her voice again.


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