July 20, 1996 – Saturday – 9:40 a.m.

I taped the show Thursday night; it was really good.  I’m on duty this whole weekend.  Yesterday I slept in pretty late, then got up to watch Babe before lunch.

I watched The Fantasticks last night as well.  Rachel Anne came in late.  I was sitting in the back and she came in and sat next to me.  Such a beautiful girl.

Vince came over last night.  They went to Charlie’s and Taco Bell, but I stayed here on duty.

Three years ago to this day, I was losing sleep over Christi, yet still thinking about Ryan.

Two years ago, Kevin hydroplaned and we hit a sign.  We pushed the car out of the mud.  Our household was at odds and I longed to be free.

And just one year ago, I spent every second of every day thinking about Emily.  I miss her so much.  If anyone is the other side of me, it is her.

My story cannot be told without mentioning her.

We met three years ago in June.  She was 14, but I thought she was 18.  Now she is 17.

She represents the mystery in my life.

She is my Angel.

She is a beautiful girl far far away from here who knows me better than anyone.


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