July 18, 1996 – Thursday – 12:15 p.m.

Katerina, a Performing Arts student who graduated in May, and who directed me in Bearclaw, came by work yesterday and invited me over for dinner at her apartment.  I told her I would walk over when I got back from Vacation Bible School.

VBS was really fun, I love serving the Lord so much.  I wish it didn’t end so soon.

Allen took Katerina’s invitation wrong and bragged about how I had a date.  Laura heard him talking about it and even offered to drive me back to school so I wouldn’t be late.  We talked on our way back.  She is simply the greatest.  She asked about Katerina and I told her it was simply a friendship.

When I got over to Katerina’s, we ate, listened to the Braveheart soundtrack, and talked about the Lord.  She is a nice girl, but I don’t like her romantically.

I woke up early this morning to study for Psychology.  I did really well on the test this morning.  I came back to my room around 11:00 a.m.  I could tell by the ring it was an off-campus call.  I answered and it was her.  She had called, just like she said she would.

We talked for thirty minutes.  We talked about random things, but then I started talking about church.  After she realized I was a Christian, she apologized for using such bad language earlier in our conversation.

She is going to be in room 200 on the second floor of Tate around the 20th of August.  And then I remembered…Tate 200, that was Syndi’s old room.  I told her that I had spent a lot of time in that room.  She asked what I meant, and I told her about Syndi, but I didn’t go into detail, about how Syndi would invite me over after she was already her your beautiful pajamas and ask me to hold her as she fell asleep.

Hopefully we will become good friends.  She is coming to the show Sunday night.

Father, I pray she finds you during the next year.

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